What Must Change for the Columbus Blue Jackets

This season is down the drain. There's no doubt about that. So, why are the Blue Jackets blocking their young players?
Minnesota Wild v Columbus Blue Jackets
Minnesota Wild v Columbus Blue Jackets / Jason Mowry/GettyImages
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Frustration abounds throughout the Columbus Blue Jacket organization. In fact, it seems to have reached a boiling point as fans - and now young players - are voicing that frustration.

I'm quick to note that rebuilds do take time, especially when done properly. And let's be honest, once and for all: this is a rebuild.

But, that doesn't mean we should accept a losing culture for our young team. Something needs to change, because right now, at this point in time; this rebuild looks to be on the verge of collapsing before it's even close to finished.

You can see the disfunction of this organization in the on-ice demeanor of this team. There are the typical wild highs and lows, which are to be expected of a young team.

Those ups and downs are expected. My concern is with how they're reacting at either end. Usually when teams see peaks, their energy and intensity ramps way up. Even when things are going well, we see this team collapse in an almost carefree manner. They don't push back when their opponents start rolling.

Worse, when they hit the lows, one would expect them to respond physically. Or at least, stick up for each other when guys get challenged. Aside from a few players and occasions, they really look lackadaisical when they're pushed around. It's almost like they're just going through the motions, playing out the balance of the year.

We didn't even see anyone give a second glance at Rasmus Andersson in Calgary Thursday night, who should have had to answer the bell for injuring Patrik Laine earlier this year.

That's the part that is unacceptable. As fans, we expect to see this team fight to the bitter end. It would be easy to get behind a team at a sub-70 point pace if they rolled up their sleeves and went to work. That isn't happening, and that's not the example that should be set for the younger players on this team.

This disfunction, in my opinion, stems directly from the way this roster is being managed. There's a fundamental change that needs to happen right away, if they are going to salvage the core pieces of this rebuild. I break down that change on the next page.