Three Forwards the Columbus Blue Jackets Could Look to Trade Before the Deadline

Even though they have just one UFA, the Jackets have some pieces up front that could be intriguing to teams searching for depth at this year's trade deadline.
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The next forward on my list is another guy who seems like he could use a fresh start: Alexandre Texier.

Like Bemstrom, Texier came to the Jackets in a period where he was one of the team's top prospects. Also like Bemstrom, the expectations on the former 2nd round pick were set way too high.

He started out really well for the Jackets, even playing in a prime role in their 2019 first round sweep of the Tampa Bay Lightning. That was just weeks after he'd come to play in North America for the first time, giving us all hope for a bright future.

But since then, it's been a rocky relationship. One marked by Texier spending a season and a half back home, taking a personal leave of absence after the deaths of two family members.

Before that leave of absence, Texier was red hot and arguably the best forward on the team for a long stretch of games. Since coming back, he hasn't been anywhere near the same player.

This season, he's really struggling offensively. He has just 6 goals and 13 points in 44 games. While he does bring a little bit to the table otherwise, it's not nearly enough of an overall game to have him scoring at such a low rate.

As such, he's been passed up on the depth chart by many younger, more productive players. At 24 years old, he should be entering the prime of his career. If this is his prime, well, maybe it's time to move on and free up this roster spot for someone else.

There is some value here, because he's shown spurts of productivity here and there. He obviously has the hands and skill to be a scorer in this league, so maybe a new system could be good for him. But, for the Jackets, his lack of consistency means that he's probably only worth a late round pick (6th or 7th round).

As in the Bemstrom situation, the right play here would be to give Texier a shot somewhere else. I don't see him fitting into the future plans with this club.