Reviewing our 5 bold predictions for the 2023-24 Columbus Blue Jackets

Before the season started, we were full of hope as a fanbase. Promises of a much improved Blue Jackets team have fallen well short of expectation however; which means that our bold predictions have, well, missed.
Columbus Blue Jackets v Seattle Kraken
Columbus Blue Jackets v Seattle Kraken / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Bold Prediction #5: The Blue Jackets will finish fourth in the Metropolitan Division standings. But, they’ll still miss the playoffs… Result: miss.

The Jackets are a full 20 points behind fourth place in the division (Washington). They are going to finish 8th in the division, and aren't even close to 7th (14 points behind New Jersey).

We were right in one regard: they'll miss the playoffs.

If you've kept score at home, you already know that we went 0-5 in our bold predictions this year. A lot would have had to go right for us to hit on any of these, let alone all of them. That's why they were bold.

Instead of pushing towards competing, we head towards another off-season with more questions than answers.

Our hope is that the new GM is hired soon, rather than later; and that person gets to work pushing the right buttons.

I do think this team is closer than its place in the standings. A healthy roster is the first thing they need. Then, if they fill in the obvious holes they have, the sky is the limit.

The next step for us: 5 bold off-season predictions. And we promise you, they will be bold!