Reviewing our 5 bold predictions for the 2023-24 Columbus Blue Jackets

Before the season started, we were full of hope as a fanbase. Promises of a much improved Blue Jackets team have fallen well short of expectation however; which means that our bold predictions have, well, missed.
Columbus Blue Jackets v Seattle Kraken
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Bold Prediction #3: Both Adam Fanilli and David Jiricek get Calder Trophy consideration… Result: miss.

To be fair to our own Matthew Duffey (his prediction), I do think Fantilli would have been in the Calder discussions this season if he'd stayed healthy. He was playing at a roughly 50-point pace, which would have him inside the top-5 amongst rookies.

For that reason, this was probably our closest prediction. Fantilli was terrific for the Jackets, and looked every bit the part of our future #1 center.

David Jiricek, on the other hand, has had a disastrous season. He started the year in Cleveland, then came up and played in Columbus for a few months - then got demoted back to Cleveland for further development.

I do believe that his comments made after his demotion, contributed in part to the team deciding to move on from GM Jarmo Kekalainen. There was obviously some dissention here.

When he's been in the NHL, Jiricek has been stubbornly buried by Pascal Vincent. He has yet to see a power-play shift - which hasn't given him the chance to show off the bread and butter of his game.

He was recently recalled, and will spend the rest of the season in Columbus. We're hoping for improvement with the big Czech, but in the end, neither of these players will get any Calder love.