Reviewing our 5 bold predictions for the 2023-24 Columbus Blue Jackets

Before the season started, we were full of hope as a fanbase. Promises of a much improved Blue Jackets team have fallen well short of expectation however; which means that our bold predictions have, well, missed.
Columbus Blue Jackets v Seattle Kraken
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Bold prediction #1: Elvis Merzlikins comes out of his funk, bounces back and plays like a #1 goaltender… Result: miss.

Elvis did bounce back, and for good chunks of the season he has looked like his old self.

At other times, however, he's let his emotions get to him, resulting in ugly losses. His save percentage has come up a bit - from .876 to .897; and he's given up fewer goals on average (4.23 to 3.45).

In those regards, he has come out of his funk. But, to say he's played like a #1 goaltender is a big stretch. In fact, over the last six weeks or so, he's been vastly outplayed by Daniil Tarasov.

He's played just 41 games this year, leaving the lineup due to various injuries and illnesses several times. And when he's been in the lineup, the results just aren't there.

Elvis accounts for just 13 of this team's 25 wins - and only six of those have come since the new year.

The enigmatic goaltender has come to a crossroads with this organization. I won't say they can't mend the fences and find common ground with a new GM - but, it's going to be really hard.

A separation seems imminent this summer, whether it's via trade or buyout. Things just aren't working here, and a change of scenery could help Elvis get his career back on track.