Columbus Blue Jackets offseason punch list: what's in store for the new GM?

The Blue Jackets are entering a pivotal offseason. They could either take more steps towards contention; or continue to load up for a (hopefully) brighter future.
Columbus Blue Jackets Media Day
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As they continue to search for their new General Manager off the ice; on the ice, the team has really started to stagnate.

The Jackets have lost six games in a row, and have only been close in two of them. They've been outscored 29-11 during this losing streak, and you can see the frustration setting in even amongst the veterans.

Whichever candidate lands the job as the next GM for this team, is going to have a lot of work cut out for them. What are the pressing needs for this organization?

Step 1: Make a decision on the coaching staff.

In my opinion, this is the number one thing that the Blue Jackets have to work out this summer. Whether this means giving Pascal Vincent a summer to reset in earnest and build his own strategies for this team or not - they have to make this decision right away.

They cannot wait until July or August to press ahead with their coaching situation. They were left holding the bag last year, with the Mike Babcock fiasco taking them right up until training camp.

If they do decide to hang onto Vincent, it will give them some continuity within the organization. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I think they would be wise to at least take a long, hard look at the assistant coaches here. The structure in their own end has been a complete mess ever since Steve McCarthy was put in charge of the defense. It's obviously time to move on here.

I would also take a serious look at the hiring of Mark Recchi at this point. The Jackets sit 31st in the NHL with the man advantage - with a league-low 29 goals on the power-play this year. If improving the power-play unit was the main reason for hiring Recchi, it's time to face the facts: this has been a disaster.

The next step for the new GM should be easier. In fact, this part should be mostly prepared for them.