5 Pressing tasks for Don Waddell as he takes over the Columbus Blue Jackets

Don Waddell was hired as president, GM and alternate governor of the Blue Jackets this week. He has a lot get done, with only about three months to do it.
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2. What to do with all of the RFAs?

Right now, as of this moment, per capfriendly.com; the Blue Jackets have 10 restricted free agents. No fewer than 7 of them are NHL regulars - and almost all of them are vital to this team's future.

The easy solution here, would be to sign all of them and just move along. But it's not that easy.

For example, if you're Don Waddell, what do you do with a guy like Alexander Nylander; who came in and played really well for this team ... but has a history of not playing all that well in his career?

What about Tyler Angle, a prospect you've probably never seen play? Or Marcus Bjork, a veteran pro who played the entire season in the AHL this year?

Even the guys who are obviously going to be re-signed, have situations that need worked out. Do you give Kirill Marchenko a long-term deal at this point? Or is a bridge deal better, to give you time to gauge his overall upside?

What about Kent Johnson, or Cole Sillinger, or Yegor Chinakhov?

The RFA situation will be fascinating to watch. In my opinion, this is a glaring example why the Blue Jackets have struggled over the last couple of years. Jarmo drafted really well for this team, but a lot of these guys have had wild ups and downs.

Getting them all playing together, with consistency, is what is going to push this team up the standings. Waddell has to make decisions on some of these guys now, before he's really had a chance to feel their situations out.

I wouldn't want to be in his shoes. And, we're just getting started here.