5 bold offseason predictions for the Columbus Blue Jackets

As we dive further into the offseason, the Blue Jackets are heading towards a new era. How dramatic will the changes be? Here are a few things that could happen this summer.
Buffalo Sabres v Columbus Blue Jackets
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Bold prediction #2: that new GM tries to acquire some extra draft capital to spend this year.

The Jackets are loaded with depth pieces, but are lacking some top end players. One thing that needs to happen: clearing out some of the fluff.

Whether it's trading away a redundant player from the lineup, or perhaps giving one of the younger players who can't seem to make the jump from the AHL a chance somewhere else; I think they have to start weeding out this logjam.

Now, I don't expect them to trade, say, Boone Jenner in exchange for draft picks. But, a veteran like Justin Danforth, or an RFA like Alexandre Texier, could net this team some added bullets for this summer's draft.

As it stands, they currently own six picks (one in round 1, two in round 3, then one each in rounds 4, 5, and 6). This hinges on what they decide to do with their own second round pick - it's traded to Philadelphia conditionally as part of the Ivan Provorov trade.

Should they choose to keep that pick this year, they'll forfeit next year's second rounder to the Flyers.

In any case, I think this team's scouting staff probably knows that this is their last run at the draft, as things are right now. They would like to have as many cracks at the whip as possible, and I think the new GM will have some guys advocating for more picks.