Three Candidates for the Columbus Blue Jackets head coach vacancy

The Blue Jackets relieved Pascal Vincent of his head coaching duties of the club. There are a lot of candidates to take the position, but who are the best candidates?
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3. Dean Evason

Dean Evason
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Evason has only been a head coach for one NHL club (the Minnesota Wild). In his three seasons in Minnesota, he made the playoffs all three times and helped the team exceed expectations.

He changed the culture in Minnesota and got the best out of his players. That is something that is needed in Columbus. If the organization is putting culture first, Evason may be the top candidate.

Each candidate has his pros and cons. While I think any of the three mentioned above could be a good coach for the team, I really don’t have a preference of one guy over the other. I don’t see a candidate who is a slam-dunk, perfect fit for the club.

Regardless of who the next coach will be, the team will have a new voice and will have a new culture. That has been needed for years. Hopefully the new coach can breathe fresh life into the veteran players and help develop the young guys who are coming.