The Blue Jackets Holiday Wishlist

A CBJ themed holiday poem:
Jason Mowry/GettyImages

‘Tis the holiday season, time for joy and peace.
Three goalies on this roster? A little crowded in the crease.
Gifts under the tree, neatly wrapped with care.
Benching our best players will get us nowhere.
The Jackets could use a boost, a little holiday cheer.
Just too many things on their list this year.
What are their wishes, their greatest desires?
Not to be sellers, but trade deadline buyers.
What’s on their list, what do they need most?
Here you’ll find out, just read this short post:

Leadership. This organization needs to re-establish a culture of winning and that starts with leadership in all aspects of the organization. Let’s start with the general manager role. Not the Jarmo Kekalainan hasn’t been a good leader, but it seems that his voice has fallen on deaf ears. This team needs a manager with a clear vision. Next, a leader behind the bench. A coach that has a strong game plan, optimizes the talents of each player, and puts the team in the best position for success. Lastly, leadership on the ice. The Blue Jackets need players that work hard and don’t let the rest of the team quit.

Defensive structure. The Blue Jackets are defending better this season compared to last season. However, many of the losses can be attributed to a lapse in the defensive coverage. Whether its personnel or scheme, it’s tough to tell. Honestly, it is likely a little bit of both. One thing is clear: the team must get better in their own zone and keep the puck out of their net to climb the standings.

A #1 goalie. Over the history of this organization, the most success was found in the seasons when the team had a good starting goaltending. Steve Mason wowed the NHL in his rookie campaign, while Sergei Bobrovsky won 2 Vezina Trophy’s. In all those playoff seasons, the Blue Jackets had goaltending that was at the top of the NHL. While the goalies have been better this season, they still haven’t played at a level that would elevate this team to new heights. The Blue Jackets need to either acquire or develop a goalie who can perform within the top half of the NHL. That would help propel this team out of the basement of the standings.

So there you have it, a long list indeed.
Winning can happen, just hold on to a lead.
The 5th line ever loyal, it’s not the fan’s fault.
Let’s get back to winning, put the losing to halt.

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