Manifesting some luck for the Columbus Blue Jackets at the NHL Draft lottery

The Blue Jackets have historically had really bad luck in NHL Draft lotteries. Could this be the year that swings in their favor? Let's do everything we can to help.
NHL Draft Lottery Drawing
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Maybe the team's overall plight will help us for a change?

Looking back at history, what does this version of the Blue Jackets share with the 2016 club that moved up one spot? A couple of things, actually.

First, as in 2016, this is a talented team that we expected to be on the upswing. But injuries held them back in each of the last two years (eerily similar). They also competed hard on the ice, right until season's end - they just didn't have the talent with all of the guys on IR (similar again).

Also, what we're hearing from the locker room: this team needs to find its identity, build a winning culture, and it's on the players.. Again, eerily similar.

There are three things I'm hoping will also swing luck our way. First, as shameless as this may sound; we have a real controversy in our recent history. Yes, I'm pulling this card. It has worked for other teams who needed mojo in recent years.

Second, we're about to have a new general manager here. What better way to burn some serious luck than to look back upon this team in a few years and say this GM is the one who selected Macklin Celebrini, helping this team turn the corner?

Finally, we have a premier event coming to Columbus next spring. We all know how the NHL loves to showcase these outdoor games, and what better way to do that than to ice an exciting young 1-2 punch of Celebrini and Adam Fantilli down the middle?

They certainly won't want to put a team who is rolling Boone Jenner out for 25 minutes per night on the top line on National TV, will they?

These are just a few ideas that I've said out loud to swing momentum in our favor. So, if you have any other ideas or ways to build karma, put them to use.

Lucky hat? Wear it to work. Lucky socks? Sure, great. Help an old lady cross the road, even if she doesn't want it. Our draft lottery odds may depend on it.

I'll be doing my part by wearing my lucky shirt. The same shirt I was wearing on the day of last summer's draft, when we had Adam Fantilli fall into our laps. It didn't fail me then - hopefully, it doesn't fail me tomorrow.