Five moments that stood out for the Columbus Blue Jackets this season

The Blue Jacket season came to an end last night, with a thrilling 6-3 victory over one of the NHL's most elite teams (who cares if they were resting people?!). Now, we'll take a look back at some of the most memorable moments along the way.
Pittsburgh Penguins v Columbus Blue Jackets
Pittsburgh Penguins v Columbus Blue Jackets / Jason Mowry/GettyImages
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Elvis Merzlikins lets his emotions boil over, Jackets lose to the Capitals in OT...

The Washington Capitals squeaked into the playoffs last night, beating the Philadelphia Flyers on an empty net goal. Looking back at this moment, it's not hard to figure out that an extra point over the Jackets helped them get in.

We all know what Tom Wilson brings to the tables for the Washington Capitals. He's a pest on the ice, who loves to throw his body around get under everyone's skin.

He was successful on December 21st. To the extreme where his antics earned a power-play that won the game for the Washington Capitals.

He and Elvis had gone at it multiple times on that night. In overtime, Wilson was pushed into the net, and Elvis let his emotions boil over. He shoved Wilson while trying to retrieve his stick, and, well, just watch it here:

I still don't know how Wilson avoids a penalty for his actions here, but that's a different topic altogether. Quite simply, Elvis lost control of his emotions, and the team paid the price for it.

The season wound up not mattering nearly as much for the Jackets, so it's hard to be too upset. But, imagine Elvis Merzlikins puling this stunt in a game that really mattered.

This sequence derailed what looked like a solid rebound season for Merzlikins. After this game, he didn't post a save percentage above .900 for more than a month. And, he only did that 8 more times for the rest of the season.

His explanation is certainly reasonable. I also think that someone should have stuck up for him at some point. Still, he has to control his emotions if he's going to be a starting goaltender in the NHL.

It's a long season. Guys are going to take runs at you. How it's dealt with, often separates the good from the bad. Or the great from the good. You get it.

We have to include the biggest news of the season on this list. After all, it's a moment that changes history for the entire franchise.