Columbus Blue Jackets draft candidate at fourth overall, Zeev Buium is a sublime two-way defenseman

If the Blue Jackets want to add to their future defense corps at the draft, Zeev Buium could be a solid choice at fourth overall.
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Zeev Buium might not be the obvious choice for the Blue Jackets. Which is exactly why we should not be surprised if they take him.

When you put it all together, Buium is a very intelligent two-way defenseman. He could be a big point producer in the NHL. But, I think a safer target here is in that Ryan McDonagh, K'Andre Miller, or even Miro Heiskanen type of mold.

None of these guys really put up elite offensive numbers. Sure, they can each produce. But, more importantly, all of them are extremely valuable defensemen because you can rely on them in any situation.

In my opinion, this is the new age "shutdown defenseman" archetype. Players who can skate well, maintain their gaps, and turn the puck the other way in transition. That's the kind of player I think you're getting in Zeev Buium.

The 4th overall pick may be a touch high for this kind of player if you look at the general rankings, but the Blue Jackets have been known to stick to their own lists. If their scouts think he's the best player on the board when it's their turn, I could see him being their pick.

It won't take too long for him to be NHL ready, either. I think one more year in the NCAA would be great, then he could turn pro and finish out next year in the AHL. By the time the fall of 2025 rolls around, this is a guy who could be fully ready to step into a top-four role for an NHL team.

This will be an interesting class to look back upon in 5 or 6 years, because I think it's very possible that a player like this could go lower in the top-10 - and wind up being the most valuable defenseman from the entire draft.

Zeev Buium is a name to watch, for sure.