Columbus Blue Jackets 2023-24 player review: Carson Meyer

Carson Meyer has brought energy and speed to the Blue Jacket system for the last several seasons. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's going to be part of the future plans for the big club.
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One of the oldest non-NHL players in the entire Blue Jacket system, Carson Meyer was drafted in the sixth round (#179 overall), all the way back in 2017.

After spending two seasons with Miami (OH) University, the Powell, Ohio native transferred to the Ohio State University for this last two years of NCAA play.

After leaving college during the COVID year, Meyer has spent four years in the Blue Jacket system, mostly with the Cleveland Monsters; but with a few stints in Columbus as well.

In that time, he's accrued 2 goals and 6 points in 41 NHL games. With the Monsters, he's totaled 56 goals and 110 points in 172 AHL games.

While none of those numbers jump off the page, Meyer has established himself within the system as a guy who works hard and competes on every puck. He works hard defensively and is a solid forechecker.

But his offensive game has never really sustained enough at the AHL level to make him a true NHL prospect. And, there hasn't been much offense at all in the NHL, which means he's been passed up by a few players who are several years younger.

That isn't to say he doesn't have a future as an NHL player. In fact, I think he could be a solid depth/utility forward in the big league. The issue here is, his body doesn't really seem suited for that game through the physical rigors of an NHL season.

It seems like every time he comes up, we are impressed by his energy and compete level - only to see him suffer another injury setback. That was the case again this season.

Meyer played well in 14 games for the Blue Jackets, averaging just over 9 minutes per game before suffering an oblique injury that ended his season.

At this point, it's hard to envision a future for the Central Ohio native to play in Columbus. The Jackets are loaded up with a log jam of players - especially on the wings - and they have more young talent infusing into the system this summer.

Meyer is a group 6 unrestricted free agent this summer because he did not accrue the required number of NHL games by age 25 to keep him as an RFA.

I think this one could go either way. He could opt to stay within the CBJ system (should they want to sign him), if nothing else to remain in Ohio. Or, he could sign elsewhere to (hopefully) have a chance at cracking an NHL roster.

Carson Meyer. D. Final season stats: 14gp, 1g, 1a, 2pts, -2, 2PiMs, 10 shots on goal. . Carson Meyer 2023-24 season grade:

Unfortunately, Meyer isn't part of the solution here. If he is kept around the organization, my gut says it will be for AHL depth.