Columbus Blue Jacket Prospect Watch: Jet Greaves is a Rising Star

The Blue Jackets continue to push through their rebuild, while trying to identify which young players fit into their long-term plans. One player that deserves to be in the conversation more: Cleveland Monsters goaltender Jet Greaves.

Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Islanders
Columbus Blue Jackets v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

There are some guys you just root harder for. Jet Greaves certainly fits that category for me. And to be honest, that wasn't always the case.

When the Blue Jackets originally brought him into the system, I was admittedly perplexed. His numbers in the OHL didn't really jump off the page. Even as a prospect guy, I didn't have him on the radar.

While there was a need for more goaltending depth in the system, signing a guy who stood just 6'0", and didn't dominate at the minor level, seemed odd. But over time, this is one free agent signing that has only gotten better.

Jet has now played at every professional level within the CBJ system - including an early stint in the ECHL. It's extremely rare for players to play in that league and then go on to the NHL; but I think it's entirely possible that he could become one of the future full-time goaltenders for the Blue Jackets.

I just listed all of the reasons Jet is an easy guy to root for. How can you not love a guy who has been written off as too small, but who has gone on to be a productive workhorse at every level?

What Greaves lacks in size, he makes up for in competitive nature and athleticism. He's got really quick reflexes and moves well laterally.

I'm impressed by how easy he makes the game look. He doesn't look like he should be able to make some of the saves he does - but he makes them, and he does it with a calm efficiency.

With all of that said, it can be extremely hard to project goaltenders at the next level. In short stints, Jet has more than held his own in the NHL. But the jump from the AHL to the NHL is massive, especially when it comes to goaltending.

For that reason, I think a fair expectation for Jet isn't to name him our future heir apparent, #1 goaltender. Instead, I think he could be a really good backup. The kind of guy that can come in and steal a game here and there; or hold down the fort for stretches of time when called upon.

Not bad for a guy who started at the very bottom.