Can the Defensive Issues for the Blue Jackets be Fixed by Coaching?

The Blue Jackets continue to struggle in their own end, with 12 goals against in 3 games out west. We've spoken in the past about the mix being wrong; but with so many guys locked up with term, I'm wondering: can they fix these issues with coaching?
Columbus Blue Jackets v Ottawa Senators
Columbus Blue Jackets v Ottawa Senators / Chris Tanouye/Freestyle Photo/GettyImages
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I think the Jackets need to add at least two defensive defensemen if they're going to make a dramatic enough change to their blueline, to make a playoff push any time soon. Those guys are hard to come by, even if the Jackets do have quality pieces to offer up.

Still, there is a logjam here already. So, unless this team can find suitors for two or even three of the players they have on the roster now, and then flip those assets for different types of players; the only solution here may be coaching adjustments.

I don't see the team moving on from Pascal Vincent before next season. But, one thing they can do is find a new plan to coach the team's defense. Whether that means making a change in regards to assistant coach Steve McCarthy or not, the current scheme cannot return.

Someone needs to get the guys who are here to buy into a system that actually works and helps this team prevent goals. I do think that can be done. There's plenty of talent here, but they often look lost in their own end.

Look no further than last night's game against the Anaheim Ducks. This team blew a 4-0 second period lead, giving up 4 straight goals to the 30th place team in the NHL. A team that ranks 29th in offense.

How many of those goals were as a direct result from this team looking completely lost in their own end? What about the night before, when they gave up five goals to the LA Kings?

While they were able to dodge an embarrassing outcome after blowing such a large lead last night, it points out the obvious: this team needs major work before next season. It starts in their own end.