Blue Jackets get no lottery luck, will draft 4th overall next month. Who will they pick?

Despite our best efforts, the Blue Jackets again failed to win an NHL Draft lottery. They'll hold the fourth overall pick in the first round of the draft next month.
2008 NHL Draft Drawing
2008 NHL Draft Drawing / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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The only certainty I see in this year's draft is Celebrini going first overall. After that, it's a little bit of a crapshoot.

The draft begins in earnest with the second overall pick. The Chicago Blackhawks again have a selection that seems unfairly high in the order. After picking a generational talent (Connor Bedard) last year, they'll land another franchise cornerstone type of player here.

This selection probably comes down to one of three players, who are all vastly different in style. Artyom Levshunov is a big, mobile, puck moving defenseman playing for Michigan State University (NCAA).

The native of Belarus is probably the most skilled defenseman available at this year's draft, and could be a hot commodity because of his size and the fact that he's a right-hand shot. I could see the Hawks taking him, if they think he can be a future #1 defenseman.

Another blue liner could go off the board at #2 as well: Russian tower Anton Silayev. At 6'7" and over 200 pounds, he's a much different player than Levshunov.

Silayev's game is built more around playing defense, using his rare combination of size, skating, and physicality to protect in his own end. He's no slouch offensively either, and he's already played a full season against men in the KHL - despite the fact that he just turned 18 last month.

Torpedo Hockey Club player, Anton Silayev (21)  seen in
Torpedo Hockey Club player, Anton Silayev (21) seen in / SOPA Images/GettyImages

If anyone were going to threaten Celebrini for that first overall pick, I could see a team drooling over Silayev's massive potential. But in the end, Celebrini is just too good, so he'll probably go second or third.

If the Hawks covet a future mainstay alongside of Bedard on their top line, Russian winger Ivan Demidov could be in the mix for the second overall selection as well.

He spent this season in Russia's junior league, the MHL; obliterating the competition for exactly two points per game.

Demidov is equally strong passing and shooting, and could be a really productive top line winger in the NHL in just two or three seasons.

If I were placing any bets on who Chicago is taking second overall, however: give me Levshunov. Right shot defensemen with that combination of size, skating, and two-way play, rarely fall too far on draft day. He could be an excellent compliment to Kevin Korchinski on a future defense pair in Chicago.

Who will Anaheim take? It's pretty obvious, in my opinion.