5 Blue Jacket skaters who could be moved for more roster flexibility

The Blue Jackets are still searching for the right pieces to fill out their lineup. But before they can add, they need to subtract. Who could be on their way out?
Columbus Blue Jackets v Florida Panthers
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We don't have much more clarity this summer as to what this team's contending roster might look like. We're really in the same situation we were in last April, but with a couple of added pieces.

The process of sorting out the players that don't fit, and finding the ones that do; continues for the Blue Jackets. They got things started after firing Jarmo Kekalainen as GM, moving away some of those spare parts.

But, they still have a ways to go. When I look at their roster, I see some obvious future building blocks like Adam Fantilli, Kirill Marchenko, Cole Sillinger, and so on.

Then we have some players who are already set in their fixed roles, such as Johnny Gaudreau and Zach Werenski.

The task for their new GM: figuring out where the solutions lie in terms of the future roster. A big part of that will mean sending away redundant players, or maybe trading something there is an abundance of; in exchange for something else we need.

Looking at the current roster, I came up with 5 names that the Blue Jackets could move to provide roster flexibility; opening space for young players to compete for jobs. Or, maybe there are guys who have value around the league, that could get us something else we need. Let's dive in.