10 players for the Blue Jackets to consider with their fourth overall pick at the upcoming draft

We'll have to wait and see what is available, but one thing is for certain: the Blue Jackets will have some good options with the fourth overall pick at Friday's NHL Draft.
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1. Cayden Lindstrom, C, Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL)

Cayden Lindstrom
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If not for concerns about a back injury, it's possible that Cayden Lindstrom would be the obvious #2 pick in this draft.

Lindstrom is 6'3", already over 210 pounds; is a creative offensive player, and is one of the best skating forwards in the entire draft. He's a little bit raw, but all of the tools are there to put together a future top-six center.

This is the kind of player who has the potential to put up a point-per-game in the NHL, while being a matchup nightmare because of his compete level and all-around game. If the Jackets went this route, they would have a 1-2 punch of Adam Fantilli and Cayden Lindstrom down the middle, which would immediately be the envy of almost every team in the NHL.

That's the kind of center tandem that wins Stanley Cups. The only concern here is Lindstrom's health. But for me, seeing every doctor sign off on him makes me confident that he'll come out of it just fine. In two years, you would have the two best young centers to ever come into this franchise. At the same time.

Why they should take him: See above. Imagine this team rolling out Fantilli, Lindstrom, Cole Sillinger, and Dmitri Voronkov in any order. I would hate to play against that team.

Why they should avoid him: Back injuries can be really tricky, and that's the only thing that keeps this from being a slam dunk. Still, the upside and potential here could be too much to pass up.

The good news for the Blue Jackets at this coming draft is, they're about to add another player who will immediately become one of the most highly touted prospects they've ever had. This will be two years in a row where we can say that.

While the player they pick here won't likely make an immediate impact in the NHL; it will be hard for them to go wrong with this pick. In fact, the only way to be disappointed in whoever they take, is if you have one specific player you prefer - or, if they go wildly off the board.

My personal preference is for one of Zeev Buium or Cayden Lindstrom. I believe those two guys hold the most value outside of Celebrini - with the exception of Demidov. You can't pass up on the talented Russian winger, even if you don't really "need" him right now.

Whatever the case, the first round on Friday night should be captivating. It will be exciting to see who falls into our laps with the fourth overall pick.