10 players for the Blue Jackets to consider with their fourth overall pick at the upcoming draft

We'll have to wait and see what is available, but one thing is for certain: the Blue Jackets will have some good options with the fourth overall pick at Friday's NHL Draft.
2024 Stanley Cup Final - Game Two
2024 Stanley Cup Final - Game Two / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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We've officially entered the offseason, with the NHL Draft coming just four days after the completion of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Typically, we have some time to digest and prepare, but that isn't the case this year. With a compressed schedule, the flurry of trades that usually takes place while teams prepare ahead of the draft, will be stuffed into just two or three days.

I'm sure we'll see some breaking news for the Blue Jackets this week, but one thing I'm pretty confident about: they will be using their fourth overall pick at the draft on Friday. I don't see them moving this pick in any deal, unless a massive return comes their way.

With that in mind, exactly who they'll pick has been up for wild debate. This isn't like last summer, where their choice was going to be one of Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson, or Will Smith. This draft is a bit of a crap shoot, and their choice relies pretty heavily on what the two teams in front of them do.

So, I thought it would be easiest to put together a list of 10 of players in reverse order, that the Blue Jackets should consider with this pick. Let's dive in with #10.