Columbus Blue Jackets: Breaking the history books one game at a time

The Columbus Blue Jackets have the hockey world on its toes, as for the first time the Columbus Hockey franchise has won three games in a playoff series, against the Presidents trophy winning Tampa Bay Lightning.

On. The. Brink.

Join the march. The Columbus Blue Jackets are throwing away the history books, and we’ve found ourselves in unfamiliar territory. For the first time ever, the Jackets have a team on the brink of elimination. For those who know this squad, you wouldn’t be surprised. The surprise comes in who it has been against.

In the Jackets previous playoff history, the Penguins, Red Wings, and Capitals were all great teams, but by no means were they world beaters like this Lightning squad. This team was the heavy favorite for almost everyone. Every analyst, fan, and media member, this was almost a no-brainer. Tampa was supposed to sweep the struggling Columbus team who GASPED to make the postseason in the season’s final days.

But as we’ve mentioned, the history books have been thrown away.

The Jackets first went down 3-0 in game one to the Presidents Trophy winners, and unlike any team in Blue Jackets history before them, they came back and won 4-3. They were supposed to get killed in game two, and Tampa was going to right their series.

They came out and put the dagger in Tampa 5-1. The Jackets were supposed to blow the series like they did last year against the Capitals in game three. Even Victor Hedman knew it, as he pointed out to Riley Nash in game two. They held on 3-1.

We’re in a  whole new ballgame, folks. This team has seen its own struggles. It has overcome raw emotions, locker room differences, and unspeakable heartbreak. But tomorrow night, they hope to put it all aside. For the first time ever, they can put away a team in the postseason, and go someplace the Columbus Blue Jackets have never gone before.

There are four more possible games in this series, and all it takes is possibilities of one.

Game 4: @ Columbus. Tuesday, April 16th, 2019. 7 pm on CNBC, Fox Sports Ohio.