Columbus Blue Jackets: Why is Sergei Bobrovsky Between the Pipes?

Free agency may come sooner than we think for the Columbus Blue Jackets if they keep Sergei Bobrovsky between the pipes.

Listen, Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky came into this season as the number one goalie in the NHL. That’s incredible given the fact that he seemingly can’t stop the puck lately. Tortorella pulled him a couple games ago because of the poor play.

I’m unsure how a top ranked goalie can put up two straight shut outs during a six-game win streak and then when the Penguins come around, everyone messes the bed.

In fairness, that game was closer than 5-2 and his defensemen have not been as helpful as they need to be lately. However, a slow start didn’t help anybody and Bobrovsky somehow giving up these early goals in the first isn’t giving anybody confidence on the ice.

Sergei cannot win on his own and his John Tortorella should make the necessary adjustments to help his ailing goalie or pull him and try out Joonas Korpisalo.

I think after watching the poor play lately, the decision has been made, Tortorella should look to start Joonas Korpisalo. Korpisalo is skilled enough to start on my teams in the NHL and Bobrovsky needs a wakeup call or else this season is lost.

You can’t win games when your goalie is giving up goals within the first 5 minutes in the first period. Playing catch up has not been the Columbus Blue Jackets’ strong suit and changes should at least be looked at. The offense needs to wake up too.

All these trades for these goal scorers and I haven’t seen what was advertised to us fans. Not scoring against the abomination that is the Oilers defense and goalie situation is a very telling problem for the Blue Jackets. Mikko Koskinen is 30 years old and more than likely will be flash in the pan after this season.

What is most concerning is that this very talented group of goal scorers couldn’t beat the very unskilled defensemen of the Oilers? That’s troubling to watch unfold against such a sub-par team that the Oilers currently are. Oscar Klefbom and Darnell Nurse are the only two legitimate defensemen that have much of a future in this league moving forward.

Sergei Bobrovsky is a free agent after this season, let him go. If you make him an offer, it must be a lowball offer and short term. Sign the goal scorers and tie down some talent for a couple years and allow them to mesh and produce. The Blue Jackets have no shortage of talent between the pipes coming into the league sooner than later. Korpisalo is a very good option in net. Don’t forget Korpisalo is also younger and will be cheaper than what Bobrovsky is making right now.

Sergei Bobrovsky was supposed to be the best netminder in the league this year, currently he is 9th. Is he worth the money he will command after this season is over? 9th is not bad by any means, but his save percentage has taken a large drop and his goals against average is the second highest of his career. Now, both years he has played poorly previously, the very next year he comes out and wins the Vezina. At age 30, looking to demand a large contract, and after this season, is he worth that risk long term?

He will find a large contract in free agency, I feel the need for the Blue Jackets is finding a way to keep goal scorers and develop the talent you have coming up. The defensive pairings the Blue Jackets have currently should absolutely be helping Bobrovsky more than what they are currently. Bob is not playing poorly entirely on his own but is the most noticeable in poor performance.