Dirtiest Mouth on the Columbus Blue Jackets?

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 13: Linesmen Shandor Alphonso
COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 13: Linesmen Shandor Alphonso /

One of the most fun parts of the season are the times when the NHL gets creative and finds way to entertain us in between the Columbus Blue Jackets’ games.

I love it when the NHL puts together the bleacher cams or puts a microphone on the players. It is so much fun to see what the players say to each other when they pass on the ice or what the refs say to the players during play stoppages.

There are always certain players that are the stars of these montages but there is on player for the Columbus Blue Jackets that will be conspicuously absent. That award will be always belong to team captain, Nick Foligno.

Nick Foligno has been recognized for his amazing work with the community. The donations he has made to the hospitals that made sure that his daughter made it through her first few years made national news and helped him win the Mark Messier Leadership Award. Despite all of this the man can cuss like a sailor.

Several times during games the camera will zoom in on Nick’s face and no sound is needed to see what he thinks of a dirty hit. The one game that I was close enough to the ice to make out some of the chatter made me realize that paying the high cost of a glass seat for a child is not the only reason it might not be a great idea for anyone under the age of 16.

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If you are all the way at home watching, don’t worry! The guy enunciates very well and he leaves no question about what he is saying. If you see someone in a corner chirping but you can’t see the number, bet on the fact that it is number 71. A questionable call that needs to be debated with the refs? Call on Nick.

There are several studies that are out there that say that the most trustworthy people are the ones with the foulest mouth. When it comes to old Nicky Fligs I think that finding rings true. I can’t think of anyone that I would rather have on my side, or at the helm of the youngest team in the NHL, than Nick Foligno.

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A large number of sports ball players have foul mouths but I really think that Foligno takes the cake. If you think that there is another vying for that legacy let me know in the comments below.