Columbus Blue Jackets: Artemi Panarin Proving his Worth Early

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 6: Artemi Panarin
COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 6: Artemi Panarin /

Artemi Panarin is the most skilled player on the Columbus Blue Jackets. Without him, the Jackets may not have won last night in Minnesota.

Playing for the Columbus Blue Jackets hasn’t looked difficult so far for Artemi Panarin. The process of adjusting to a new team was, apparently, incredibly quick.

Or, he’s just so good that it doesn’t matter.

Panarin’s first five games as a Blue Jacket have proven just how valuable of a player he is. From his incredible shot, to his flashy stickhandling, he has elevated the status of the Blue Jackets.

Creating something out of nothing

Already this season, Panarin has made plays seemingly only he can make for Columbus. Yesterday, it felt like the puck was on his stick the entire game.

He was the force behind Alexander Wennberg’s overtime goal last night:

As we now know, the puck on his stick brings his ability to make something out of nothing. This is what John Tortorella said after the game on Friday against the Rangers.

No disrespect to former Blue Jacket Brandon Saad, but Panarin gives this team something it didn’t have last year. The high-end skill possessed by Artemi Panarin will help take the Jackets to a new level.

Columbus Blue Jackets
Columbus Blue Jackets /

Columbus Blue Jackets

Saad is a great player, and he’s fitting in nicely again with Chicago, but this summer’s trade could go down as one of the more important transactions the Blue Jackets have ever made.

The team wasn’t fully there last year. They had their moments, however they often lacked creativity and the drive it takes to win in the postseason.

This year, Artemi Panarin will help the cause in the playoffs, assuming the Blue Jackets make it.

This isn’t to say they should just rely on him to do all the work, but rather it’ll be easier to make something out of nothing and more consistently apply pressure. The Panarin-factor will prove to make a difference when it matters most.

Becoming his own superstar

Over the summer, some thought Panarin wouldn’t be able to have as much success without the likes of Patrick Kane on his side. He’s quickly showed how the chemistry built between the two was formed from both sides.

Kane never won the Art Ross Trophy until he played with Panarin, which is important to remember. Now, Eastern Conference opponents will have to worry about facing Panarin and the Blue Jackets.

The sample size is young for Artemi in Columbus. Still, it’s not too early to anticipate just how great he’ll be.

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Panarin is the elite player the Jackets have needed. The pace he is on right now will likely carry on all season long for the Columbus Blue Jackets.