Columbus Blue Jackets: Nicknames to Know for This Season

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 6: Goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky
COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 6: Goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky /

Players, coaches and sports fans are always giving nicknames and simplifying ways to address professional athletes. This has us thinking: What nicknames do and should Columbus Blue Jackets players have?

There are plenty of nicknames to know for the current Columbus Blue Jackets team. Of course, there are the popular nicknames for the more established players, but the Jackets are a young team.

Potential nicknames are up in the air for a few players since they are rather new to the scene. It’ll only allow them to fit more into the CBJ community as their names make headlines on a regular basis.

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The Staples

At this point, there are a few nicknames that most, if not all, Blue Jackets fans know about.

Brandon Dubinsky is “Dubi,” Sergei Bobrovsky is “Bob” and Lukas Sedlak is “Sedsy” or “Sedsy Cat.” Nick Foligno is commonly referred to as “Fligs” or “Fligy.” For obvious reasons, sometimes he is just called “The Captain,” too.

Columbus seems to be catching on pretty quickly to “Breadman” for Artemi Panarin, which is a solid nickname that he acquired while with the Blackhawks. “Torts” is also a popular nickname for Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella.

Backup goaltender Joonas Korpisalo is “Korpi” and Matt Calvert is “Calvy.”  Josh Anderson is often called, “Andy.” Clearly, many of these nicknames derive from the players actual names. Although Calvert has been referred to as “Stitches” due to his 36-stitch incident last November.

Alexander Wennberg is “Wenny” and David Savard is “Savy” as well. Lastly, Ryan Murray is often called “Murr” and Seth Jones is “Jonesy.”

Emerging Nicknames

Torts has recently said “Luc” will be Pierre-Luc Dubois’ nickname. If Torts says it enough, it will probably catch on.

Last year, Oliver Bjorkstrand was beginning to be called, “The Maestro,” but it hasn’t seemed to gain any momentum lately. Once Bjorkstrand starts to get going, I suspect that, “The Maestro,” rumblings will pick back up. And even if it doesn’t, “Bjork” is a catchy nickname.

I’ve also noticed lately in /r/BlueJackets people calling Markus Hannikainen, “Beer” or “Beerman.” This one I don’t expect to really catch on, especially with those who professionally cover the team, but it’s a fun one to throw around online.

Lastly, the Blue Jackets Twitter has referred to Korpisalo as “Magikorp” after the Pokémon Magikarp. I thought this one would be more prominent but it seems like “Korpi” is the go-to for him.

In Need

Zach Werenski still needs a nickname, and I think, “Z,” would work. It’s simple and no other players have names starting with the letter z so it wouldn’t cause any confusion. Unfortunately for his face, he could also use the “Stitches” moniker if necessary.

Cam Atkinson also needs a nickname, though, “Cam” is an easy way to refer to him. I’m not so sure it isn’t too late for another nickname to catch on for him. He’s already 28 years old and besides, I’m not trying to ruin Camsanity.

Sonny Milano technically goes by a nickname with “Sonny” already. His real first name is Frank, so in a way, I think starting to call him, “Frank,” or, “Frankie,” would be an ironic way to refer to him. That said, Sonny is a sweet nickname and probably won’t go away.

The three players I’m having trouble with are Boone Jenner, Gabriel Carlsson and Jack Johnson. Jenner’s unique first name gives him an easy one, but there’s got to be better ones out there. Johnson also has one that people refer to sometimes, “JJ.” It’s really simple and self-explanatory, but it’s bland. We barely know anything about Carlsson, so it may take time with him.

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Ultimately, one little thing can lead to a new nickname, so you never know when a new one will come up. Comment below and hit us up on social media on what nicknames you would like to see for the Columbus Blue Jackets players!