Columbus Blue Jackets: Studs From The Prospects Tourney

The Columbus Blue Jackets prospects didn’t come out with a title in Traverse City, but there were a few players that really stood out.

A second-place finish for the Columbus Blue Jackets prospect team has us ready for hockey season. Training camp starts today for the squad and these young prospects really impressed and improved their chance to make the squad. Here are Union and Blue’s Studs of the Tourney.

Vitaly Abramov

Vitaly Abramov is one of the top prospects in the Blue Jackets pipeline and showed it in Traverse City with six points, which was fifth-most in the tournament. Abramov is a fast Russian with tons of skill, and he was lights out for the Blue Jackets.

The Blue Jackets have depth on the wings, so Abramov may be a long shot from making Columbus’ opening night roster. But if he follows up his Traverse City performance with a strong camp, the Blue Jackets have a tough decision on their hands. Torts is not afraid to put a young player in the lineup if they prove they belong.

Pierre Luc-Dubois

Dubois is heading into camp with a different opportunity than Vitaly Abramov has. The CBJ have a Pierre Luc-Dubois sized hole on the third line, so it is his spot to lose. Dubois tallied three goals in the tournament, so he has shown that he has skill and has proven it at all levels he’s played in. Even though he has the opportunity to slot in the third line, he still has to earn it in training camp.

Pierre Luc-Dubois was selected third overall by the Jackets in the 2016 NHL Draft. Dubois has a lot of pressure on him. But he should see the ice early and often for Columbus.

Calvin Thurkauf

The Blue Jackets selected Calvin Thurkauf on the opposite side of the spectrum than Pierre Luc-Dubois. Thurkauf was selected in the seventh round and has shown that this is an absolute steal. Calvin led the Traverse City tournament with 6 assists and ended up second in points with 7.

Thurkauf is a longer shot than Abramov to make the team, but he dominated the ice to make this more of a possibility. While Thurkauf will likely play in Cleveland, he has shown that he will be a top performer there and could be an in season call up.

The Columbus Blue Jackets prospects looked good in Traverse City and have given the Blue Jackets, even more hope for the future. The Blue Jackets are the in the best shape in franchise history and their talented prospect pool adds even more to be excited about.