Columbus Blue Jackets: Rick Nash Should Come Back Home


Almost every Columbus Blue Jackets fan that has been around for at least five or six years has an opinion on Rick Nash.

Rick Nash is the greatest Columbus Blue Jackets player in the franchise’s history, but his exit from Columbus was not the best–to say the least.

After demanding a trade from the only NHL team that he ever knew, Nash was sent to the New York Rangers, a team that has yet to miss the playoffs since his arrival and even saw a Stanley Cup Finals appearance one season.  All while that was happening, the Columbus Blue Jackets team that Nash wanted no part of continued to dwell in mediocrity.

As you can tell, it’s not completely unfounded why some fans would be upset–their best player left them and he went on to play postseason hockey while their team continued to suck.

But what if he comes back?

Nash’s Situation

Rick Nash signed a 8-year, $62.4M contract in the 2009 offseason with the Blue Jackets. That contract began with the 2010-2011 season and was obviously transferred to the Rangers when he was traded in 2012. But that deal is almost done now.

Following the conclusion of the 2017-2018 season, Nash will hit free agency as an unrestricted free agent, meaning that he is eligible to sign with any team he chooses without any problems.

He may actually pick the Blue Jackets too. After having the best regular season in franchise history, the Blue Jackets have to be one of the more attractive options for Nash, a player that has yet to win a Stanley Cup.

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Fans’ Situation

Do fans really want Nash back in Union Blue though? Although I can’t read minds, I think most would be okay with it if the price was not too steep for the winger.

Despite his run-in with Bob in 2014 (can be seen below), Nash hasn’t done very much to the Blue Jackets and their fans. And let’s be honest, Sergei was not completely innocent in that situation. So chill out when you point to that one incident as a major reason why you hate Nasher.

His exit from the organization five years ago was indeed messy, but should we keep blaming him for wanting out of a horrible and (at the time) hopeless franchise that could never really put it together despite his incredible numbers and skill?

What I Think

I’d love to have Rick Nash back in a CBJ uniform. He’s the best we’ve ever had (with Bob being second) and there would be nothing greater than seeing him skate alongside the likes of Artemi Panarin, Zach Werenski and Seth Jones.

Obviously, there has to be interest from both sides and the money has to work. I’m not tuned into what Nash is looking for after his Rangers deal is up and he would probably take a backseat to the Cam Atkinson negotiations if push comes to shove.

No matter the circumstances, I’d love to be able to show up to Nationwide Arena and see Rick Nash score lots of goals again.