Columbus Blue Jackets 2017 Trade Deadline Grades

Feb 17, 2017; Columbus, OH, USA; The Columbus Blue Jackets celebrate defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins at Nationwide Arena. The Blue Jackets won 2-1 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 17, 2017; Columbus, OH, USA; The Columbus Blue Jackets celebrate defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins at Nationwide Arena. The Blue Jackets won 2-1 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports /

The Columbus Blue Jackets did not make any big splashes around the trade deadline this year. There were a couple roster moves though. I’m here to break them down.

The Columbus Blue Jackets stayed out of the news on this year’s trade deadline. While some of you may think I would be disappointed in this, the teams recent form leaves me quite content with the players currently assembled on the ice. When all else fails, remember, trust Jarmo. The front office didn’t make any headline worthy moves, but there were a few that I deem worthy of giving a grade to.

Calling up Oliver Bjorkstrand

B+. . Winger. Columbus Blue Jackets. OLIVER BJORKSTRAND

No, it is not a trade or a pick up from waivers. That said Oliver Bjorkstrand’s play since coming up to Columbus has been stellar. The Blue Jackets added a top six forward who can score, without giving anything up. This late in the year, this addition is as note worthy as any trade or waiver claim that happened across the league.

If Bjorkstrand can keep up this level of play, expect him to be penciled into the top six come playoff time. A very underrated aspect of this move is his continuity with his teammates that he has already built. Guys like Zach Werenski and Josh Anderson. This core of young players won a Calder Cup together in Cleveland last spring. The level of competition is obviously different, but the chemistry between guys that have played with one another is still valuable.

All things considered I give this move a B+. Most of the credit going to Bjorkstrand for skating hard and taking advantage of his opportunities in the NHL.

Claiming Zac Dalpe Off Waivers

Cleveland Monsters. ZAC DALPE. C+. . Center

I covered this move briefly already here. At the time I chalked this move up as Zac Dalpe adding depth to Cleveland as opposed to improving the Columbus roster. Today, on the first of March, I still believe that. If Bjorkstrand and Markus Hannikainen are going to be up for an extended period of time with the Blue Jackets that means the Monsters need some help. Dalpe brings that help to the Cleveland, and has NHL experience if he is needed in Columbus.

Dalpe registered an assist in his first game with the Monsters on Tuesday. His veteran presence in the organization provides value if needed. Considering we did not have to give up anything for him and he played for Tortorella in Vancouver, this move sits right in the middle with me. C+

Signing Marc-Andre Bergeron to a two-way contract

MARC-ANDRE BERGERON. C. . Defenseman. Cleveland Monsters

Marc-Andre Bergeron was in camp with the Columbus Blue Jackets this fall and signed a paid try-out contract with the Monsters who had been playing with all season. This move allows him to be called up to the big league club if needed. Bergeron is a NHL veteran with playoff experience and still possess a very heavy shot from the blue line.

Considering the need for blue line depth headed into the spring this move was another low risk low expected return from the front office. I personally hope we never see Bergeron skate meaningful minutes in Columbus because that would mean one of our current six defenseman is hurt. That said, added insurance isn’t a bad thing. C

Trading Dalton Prout for Kyle Quincey

B. . Defenseman. Columbus Blue Jackets. KYLE QUINCEY

This move came across my desk with just under an hour till the 3 P.M. deadline. Kyle Quincey comes over from New Jersey where he has been skating around 20 minutes each game. I don’t see him getting that type of ice time here but added blue line depth on the big league roster, and not in Cleveland, is a welcomed site.

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The big move here might actually be losing Dalton Prout. While I think Prout gets his fair share of unwarranted criticism, even I can admit he has little to no place on the Blue Jackets anymore. Prout leaving is a sign of this team moving in the right direction. No longer do we have to settle for average talent. Because of that, I give this move a solid B. Prout might be a great guy, but he no longer has a place on this team, and that is not a bad thing.

Acquiring Forward Lauri Korpikoski

LAURI KORPIKOSKI. C+. . Forward. Columbus Blue Jackets

Right at the 3p.m. deadline, the Columbus Blue Jackets added Forward Lauri Korpikoski from the Dallas Stars. The veteran winger will join the squad and add depth and contribute as a fourth line guy. Lauri has played 600 career games and has posted 20 points thus far this year.

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Lauri came at the cost of defensive prospect Dillon Heatherington. Heatherington has been dealing with some injuries this year but was apart of the Calder Cup Championship last season in Cleveland. The second round pick is only 21-years-old and has shown impressive streaks of play at times. Whether or not he can play more consistent and turn into a serviceable defensemen is yet to be seen.

Lauri Korpikoski at best is a third line winger who will put up about 30 points a season. He won’t take the Jackets and put them over the top but he will help in a playoff series for sure. Korpikoski is an unrestricted free agent following this season adding flexibility for the team. I give this move a C+ just because Heatherington still hasn’t made the improvements necessary to show signs of play in the NHL. But he is still young and could bloom in a new setting in Dallas. Also TWO KORPI’S NOW!!!

This trade deadline season has been great for the CBJ. Added veteran depth to both the Columbus team and Cleveland. The main core of the roster is still very much in tact, and the bevy of young skaters have continued to perform at a high level. Also, Jarmo didn’t send away a single draft pick. Now that the dead line is over we can focus on the month of March, which is looking like not only the most important, but most difficult of the year.