Live Blog: Can the Columbus Blue Jackets Pull One Off?

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Third Period

20:00 4-2

Let’s go! The Jackets need to kill this penalty and hold on to the lead! 20 minutes to go!

18:50 Flyers Goal, 4-3

With only one second left on the kill, the Jackets give up their third man-down goal of the night. Six of the seven goals tonight have been power play goals. STAY. OUT. OF. THE. BOX.

15:00 4-3

The Jackets have continued to hold on to the shots lead, leading he Flyers 30 to 18. Alexander Wennberg has had a multitude of chances tonight, but still awaits his first of the season. He’s had some decent chances tonight, but each time he’s been robbed by Mason.

14:00 4-3

After a shot from Claude Giroux went off the crossbar, the Flyers’ coach called for a video review, but it was clear by the video that it wasn’t in. The Jackets maintain their one-goal lead.

12:37 4-3

I’d just like to take this time to say that Johansen has four assists tonight and only 3 shots on goal. His linemates have all 4 goals, and all from passes from him. Selfless play or just great passing? Regardless, it’s pretty impressive.

8:44 4-3

The Jackets are leading 36 to 23 on shots, but they’ve spent a lot of time in their own zone recently. The defense has been good and McElhinney has come up with some big saves, but they need to find a way to get down and spend some more time in their offensive zone. It’d be really nice to have another goal to cushion the lead a little, just sayin.

6:21 4-3

Corey Tropp came up big by stealing the puck off the stick of the Flyers’ forwards right in front of the CBJ net. He saved McElhinney from having to make a difficult stop, and likely kept his team ahead by one.

5:30 4-3

Jeff Rimer just pointed out on the FSO broadcast that the Jackets’ franchise records for points and assists in one game are each five: Johansen is one assist and one point away from tying two franchise records tonight. I’m hoping the Flyers pull Mason and Joey can get a fifth assist, maybe giving Wiz or Nicky a hat trick? One can hope, right?

4:12 4-3

Brian Gibbons fires one off the crossbar! Just inches from pulling the Jackets ahead by two, but, alas, the lead remains at one.

2:25 4-3

I’m just sitting here, hoping they pull Mason soon. One goal leads this late in the game make me nervous…

1:49 4-3

The Flyers wanted to pull Mason, but they inadvertently iced the puck, and the faceoff in their zone means Mason will stay in the net awhile longer.

1:33 4-3

The Flyers’ net is empty!


The Jackets had to ice the puck, bringing the faceoff back to their own end. The Flyers take a timeout. WIN. THE. FACEOFF.

0:04.6 4-3

WIZ! Mark that as Wiz’s second awesome save of the game! If he hadn’t been there to back up Cmac, the Jackets could be down 4-3 tonight. Faceoff in the Jackets’ zone.

0:00 4-3


Post-game Comments: Jody Shelley said it best: it’s time to start a new streak tonight. With that win, the losing streak is officially in the past, and the Jackets have the chance to start a new streak, which will start tomorrow night at home against the Sharks.

The last game the Jackets won before tonight was the against the Sharks. Time to do it again tomorrow night.

So what made this game different than the last nine? The Jackets came out looking like an entirely different team than they have recently. What changed?

They played with heart. Maybe it had something to do with facing Umberger for the first time since the trade, or maybe it was facing Steve Mason again that motivated them. Maybe it had something to do with the emotional beginning, in which Scott Hartnell got heartwarming tribute and a standing ovation from the crowd. Whatever it was, the Jackets need to hold on to it and carry that component of their game over into the game tomorrow night.

After nine straight losses, you wouldn’t think the team would come out looking desperate. They didn’t. They certainly played with heart and emotion, but it wasn’t the sloppy, needy play that sometimes happens on losing streaks. And it worked. The jackets managed to snap the nine-game losing streak, and are now back on track with a win. Here’s hoping they can find a way to do the same tomorrow night at home. Go Jackets!

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