Columbus Blue Jackets Ground the Flyers, Snap Losing Streak


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FINALLY! The Columbus Blue Jackets finally managed to win a game last night, beating the Flyers in Philadelphia in order to avoid setting a franchise-worst losing streak. After 9 straight losses, the Jackets finally got themselves a victory.

So what did we learn from last night? I’d say the biggest lesson from the game was STAY OUT OF THE BOX. It’s simple enough. The Jackets won 4-3 last night, and all three of the Flyers’ goals came on their man-advantages. The Jackets, in turn, scored 3 of their 4 goals on their power plays. Special teams are important, and last night the Jackets’ penalty kill just wasn’t there.

Their power play units, however ,were on their game. I was impressed with the Jackets’ efficiency on the PP last night, scoring on three of their four man-advantages. The only power play they didn’t score on was the end of a 5-on-3, in which they scored during the first penalty and didn’t have an entire two minutes to add a goal on the second.

Overall, the Jackets’ performance last night was the best we’ve seen in a long time. They came out at the beginning of the game looking sharp and ready to play, which was evidenced by their 2-1 lead at the end of the first. It was refreshing to not fall behind early in the game and have to dig out of a goal deficit in the second and third.

The Jackets played a physical, hard-fought, unrelenting game, and it was fun to watch. And, IT WORKED. They played the style of hockey that Columbus is becoming known for, and when they do that, they win games. It shouldn’t be that simple, but it just might be. Every time the Jackets show up and play a fast-paced, hard-hitting, forechecking game, the results are much more favorable.

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So why can’t they do that every game? It’s hard to watch when the Jackets don’t play their style of hockey, and look like they sit back and let their opponents roll over them. It happened a lot over the last nine games, but last night they looked like a whole different team. They looked like the Columbus Blue Jackets we know and love; the team we got used to expecting to see every night last year. Maybe once the team recovers from all their injuries something will change. Hopefully, we’ll see the old CBJ back in action soon, and we can leave that ugly streak behind. Last night started it, and hopefully tonight will continue it! Go Jackets!

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