Columbus Blue Jackets Fans Await Ryan Johansen Deal


As Summer sets into autumn and training camp rests on the horizon, Columbus Blue Jackets fans look back on the off season to assess the moves and decisions made by the front office. There’s undoubtably a lot to be excited about, most notably Scott Hartnell joining the Union Army and Brandon Dubinsky re-committing to the cause and campaign.

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The enthusiasm, however, remains rather subdued because of the elephant in the room: you-know-who’s contract holdout. I know this website has covered this situation from many different angles and perspectives so I’m not going to just recycle those articles. Instead I’d like to discuss the impact it’s having on fan moral.

Now this isn’t the Columbus Blue Jackets of yesteryear. These kinds of scenarios, like Ryan Johansen‘s negotiations, don’t hold the same weight of devastation as they would have once within this organization. As the culture has formed and the mold is drying, these holdouts feel less like inevitable implosions to the foundations but more like road blocks  to navigate around. This is Columbus, after all. There’s always construction.

One can’t help but feel, though, that this optimism is wearing out its welcome in the capital city. Training camp is next month. Pre-season tickets have gone on sale. While we sip ice tea and blow off any indication that we’re sweating, that nagging feeling starts up. No, Ryan Johansen isn’t going anywhere. We just wish he’d sign already.

This isn’t a team begging a player to stay. It’s obvious to all parties involved that the centerman wants to be around Columbus for some time to come. So, in the simplest of terms: just sign already.

These holdouts are apart of the process and Johansen has every right (I suppose) to fight for his right for (even more) money. But the longer this drags out the higher a chance “Columbus Blue Jackets enthusiasm” comes with an asterisk. At the very least this whole saga puts a significant damper on fan moral. And that’s not fair.

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After a record setting season that saw the Jackets one goal away from pushing the Pittsburgh Penguins to a seventh game, there’s no reason not to be overly excited. This summer proved, at least on paper (and people love those advanced stats), that this year’s squad will be even better.

Except for one microscopic problem: your leading goal scorer has yet to re-sign. And until he does, fans must proceed with caution.