For Whom the Bell Tolls


Steve Mason may have gotten his bell run in practice, but the bell that tolled in Nationwide last nite was either: [a] morning the Red Wings loss of the ability to play NHL hockey when on the road. [b] but most probably the last gasp of Steve Mason in a Blue Jacket uniform.

Steve Mason may or may not play more this year, but the fact that his replacement Allen York not only took his place, but won. This is the same Allen York that a year ago just left college hockey and was playing his first pro game with Springfield. This is the same Allen York that has more airplane trips then games played this year. This is also the same Steve Mason that was pulled in the past 2 games.

Granted the Blue Jackets did play well. so well they outplayed the feared red wheeled demons. But was part of this improved play some indication that the team may have lost confidence in Steve Mason and just doesn’t put out. This has been a theory most of the year. Was this the evidence? Or was it just that they knew the new kid needed them and did all they could to help him.  Questions, questions, questions….. and answers just don’t come.

Nevertheless, this may be the cream DE cream of the Steve Mason swan song.

Description of swan song – American Heritage® Dictionary

A farewell or final appearance, action, or work. The beautiful legendary song sung only once by a swan in its lifetime, as it is dying.