Who do CBJ fans want to see win the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup Finals begin on Saturday (6/8) night, matching up the Florida Panthers and Edmonton Oilers. Do Blue Jackets fans have an interest in the outcome of the finals?
New York Rangers v Florida Panthers - Game Four
New York Rangers v Florida Panthers - Game Four / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages
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In addition to the two players, Florida is led my general manager Bill Zito, who used to be an assistant general manager with the Blue Jackets.

Edmonton only has one former Blue Jacket on its roster: Sam Gagner. However, Gagner has not played in these Stanley Cup Playoffs and only played in 28 regular season games with the Oilers. Since Gagner has not been a part of the team in these playoffs and has played sparingly all season, one can assume that he will not suit up for the Oilers in the finals unless injuries occur.

In terms of former Jackets, the biggest name is obviously Bobrovsky. While his departure from Columbus was difficult to swallow, he is still considered the best goalie in franchise history and delivered the team to the playoffs four out of the six times that the club has qualified for the playoffs (if you include the Covid bubble in Toronto).

At his age (35), he probably only has a couple of seasons left in his career. This may be his last chance to get a cup. I know that I am pulling for Bob to hoist the cup. He did a lot for our team and brought us a lot of good memories. I would like to see him get his name engraved on the cup. I’m sure that many other 5th liners feel the same way.

So, there you have it. If you would want to see Bob win a championship, then the 5th Line should cheer for the Florida Panthers. If the Panthers win the cup, then two former players and one former assistant manager would be a champion.

If you don’t care about seeing former Blue Jackets win the cup, then that’s fine too. You probably don’t care about the outcome and just want to see good hockey. There is nothing wrong with that approach either.