What Should the Blue Jackets Do With Elvis Merzlikins?

The NHL trade deadline has come and gone, and goaltender Elvis Merzlikins is still with the CBJ. Earlier in the season, Elvis made it clear that he wanted a change of scenery.
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Keep Elvis

This seems like the less likely option of the three, but is still a possibility due to the difficulty to move Elvis. It’s possible that the Blue Jackets roll out the duo of Elvis Merzlikins and Daniil Tarasov again next season.

However, if Tarasov is named the #1 goalie (which, based on his recent play, is a possibility), there will likely be added friction since Elvis wants to be the starting goaltender. That could prove to be toxic in the locker room and cause unwanted issues with the team chemistry.

Furthermore, I fully expect the Blue Jackets to add another goaltender in the offseason to increase the competition in the crease. That could invite more tension should Elvis be outperformed by Tarasov and newly acquired goaltender.

Having a divided team is a recipe for disaster. For the CBJ to take the next steps and begin winning again, the team needs to develop good chemistry on and off the ice. It would be wise to not bring Elvis back next season so that team cohesiveness is not put in jeopardy.

It is most likely that Elvis Merzlikins will sport a new jersey next season. His time in the union blue appears to be coming to an end. Coming to the final solution will be tricky and will require some creativity on the part of the new general manager of the CBJ.

It will be an interesting situation to monitor and should be part of a busy summer for the Blue Jackets.