Under the Radar Trade Candidates from the CBJ

Could there be some Blue Jackets players who are dealt that no one anticipates? There are 3 players who may fall into that category.

Columbus Blue Jackets v Ottawa Senators
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Justin Danforth

A lot of playoff contenders would love to have Danforth on their team. He can play center or wing and can play on virtually any line. He is a hard-working, meat-and-potatoes type player.

Justin Danforth, Darren Raddysh
Tampa Bay Lightning v Columbus Blue Jackets / Jason Mowry/GettyImages

The exact type of player who is effective during the grind of playoff hockey. He is currently signed to a $975K contract for this season and $1.1 million contract for next season. His cap hit is reasonable and the team acquiring him would have him for the 2024 playoffs and 2024-2025 season.

With Danforth being 30 years old and with all the young talented players coming, the CBJ may not see Danforth in their future plans. It wouldn’t surprise me if a contender makes a good trade offer for Danforth and the CBJ take it.