Java on Ice: NHL Must-Read Content for 2/16/2022

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| Java on Ice: 2.16.2022 Edition |

Here at Union and Blue, we’re going to do our absolute best to bring you the top NHL reads from around the web on a daily basis. You won’t have to scour the internet for things to read; we’ve got you covered right here. Every morning. Every day.

Sometimes we’ll pull from larger sites like, but for the most part, the goal will be to sort through dozens of posts from around the interwebs so you can see some things that maybe wouldn’t have made it onto your radar normally. If you like what these sites do then give them a follow on Facebook or Twitter, and share the content that you love!

Hockey fans make up one of the best communities around, and in a lot of ways, we’re all in it together.

Without further delay… your top posts for February 16, 2022.

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ICYMI from us here at Union and Blue: Three possible landing spots for Max Domi, should the Columbus Blue Jackets decide to trade him away.

It’s not every day that The Hockey News picks up on stories featuring Blue Jackets players. That speaks volumes about just how good Kent Johnson has been during the Olympics. From Steven Ellis.

From Mark Scheig at why the Blue Jackets need to prioritize re-signing Patrik Laine. And it was his birthday yesterday, so drop him a  line on Twitter if you haven’t yet.

Great stuff here from Josh Yohe over at The Athletic: memories of Jaromir Jagr as he turns 50. A lot of interesting tidbits here. And it’s gnarly Jags is still playing hockey at the level that he is.

Over at Yahoo, Adam Gretz examines why the New York Rangers need to be aggressive ahead of the trade deadline. The Blueshirts are a team we saw as a fit for Domi, for what that’s worth.

The first trade domino may have fallen with the Calgary Flames acquiring Tyler Toffoli from the Montreal Canadiens. Eric Engels of breaks down why the trade made a lot of sense for Calgary.

For, Emily Kaplan recently answered 20 big questions facing various NHL teams around the league as we enter the final leg of the campaign.