Blue Jackets: It’s time to start as many young players as possible

Blue Jackets (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)
Blue Jackets (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /

Unfortunately for the Columbus Blue Jackets, things are not looking too good. They just haven’t been consistent at all this season and are stuck at 11-12-7 at this point. After their tough 2-1 loss to the Dallas Stars on Sunday in an overtime shootout, it’s apparent that the Blue Jackets just don’t have what it takes to make this season memorable.

From the drama of head coach John Tortorella’s style of coaching to losing way too many close games due to their defense collapsing, it would make sense for the Blue Jackets to start thinking about the future now. It wouldn’t make sense to bench their current starters or anything but they should definitely consider giving some of their young AHL players a call up to see how their development is going.

To see a player like center Liam Foudy get a call up again but actually get more minutes on ice would be a good thing. Same with left winger Eric Robinson and anyone else that’s on their Cleveland Monsters AHL team that deserves to get some continued NHL experience.

The Blue Jackets need to change things up with their lineups

The truth of the matter is, the Blue Jackets need to change things up, especially with their lineups. Tortorella loves to stick with the same exact lineup game after game and clearly, it’s not working. Perhaps if he changed things up every week or two weeks, especially when losing streaks are kicking in, that could be what helps lift the spirits and confidence of this franchise.

That way, even if the team continues being inconsistent and losing more hockey games, at least the organization can get a good, hard look at some of their younger prospects in the system. Not only will it help in future evaluations but also give fans something to get excited about when it comes to potentially seeing their stars of tomorrow playing now.

This is in no way an indication that the Blue Jackets should throw in the towel or anything in 2021 but more in getting a good look at the future as they will more than likely need a restart. This is more of trying to break the mold of this routine Tortorella has been doing for weeks now. If the Blue Jackets plan to cut ties with him when this season is over, it would make sense to give the green light to start as many young players as possible now.

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If this season is another losing one, at least making decisions like this can be a bright spot on what appears to be another forgettable year. Even if Tortorella is on his way out for good, it’ll give the organization a good idea of what’s down the pipeline when a new regime comes in to try and right the ship for better years ahead.