Columbus Blue Jackets: Cam Atkinson’s Point Streak Ends at 12

The Columbus Blue Jackets forward had been the main source for positivity for fans thanks to his career-high point streak.

Cam Atkinson almost broke the Columbus Blue Jackets point streak record, however thanks to the Washington Capitals he’ll finish just one game short of tying Ryan Johansen‘s record.

The game against the Capitals was disappointing enough on its own, however this fact makes it even more disappointing. However, it may be a blessing in disguise.

The past few games, essentially ever since Cam’s streak got attention in the media, the Blue Jackets have struggled badly. Almost as if it had been a distraction for some odd reason. Going forward, the Blue Jackets may potentially be more focused on wins rather than helping Atkinson extend his streak.

It can be misconstrued that I’m trying to say that the streak was the sole purpose for the Blue Jackets disappointing play as of late, however that’s not the case. It may have had zero effect on them, however either way there’s an abundance of other issues that have resulted in their play being far below standard.

Cam Atkinson’s play as of late however, has been nothing but phenomenal. He’s having a second breakout season at 29 years of age, something that is fairly rare. Oftentimes, a player’s already starting to be past their prime at 29 or at least as good as they’re going to be. Atkinson is defying that standard by proving that has he more left in the tank than we’ve seen from him in the past.

He’s going to finish with a career high in pretty much every category this season, and although many people around the league will try to attribute it to playing with Artemi Panarin, that’s simply not the case. Atkinson is creating his own goals, finishing his own opportunities and making some elite level passes.

Cam Atkinson has given the Blue Jackets fans hope this season, in a season where the future is uncertain. One thing that is for certain, Cam Atkinson will be scoring goals in Columbus for a long time to come.