5 Columbus Blue Jackets Who Can Break 50 Points this Season

TORONTO, ON - JANUARY 8: Artemi Panarin
TORONTO, ON - JANUARY 8: Artemi Panarin /
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Seth Jones and Zach Werenski

Columbus Blue Jackets
Columbus Blue Jackets /

Last year the dynamic duo of Seth Jones and Zach Werenski combined for 94 points in what was a great season scoring wise for the two. That total is only going to go up now that Zach Werenski won’t be playing a full season with a torn labrum that hampered him.

Z still managed to finish the year with the second most goals for a defenseman in the NHL at the age of 20. He was tied for second with 16 goals last season with his defensive partner Seth Jones.

With Z injured, Jones took over the role of top unit power play quarterback and racked up 57 points. Jones is just hitting his stride as an offensive defenseman and will be a perennial 50 plus point scorer. This year, with a revamped power play, I expect that number to creep over 60 for Jones.

Werenski will have a harder time breaking 50 threshold but it is certainly doable. 37 points last season with a torn labrum is very impressive. Another year of experience and a healthy shoulder should be enough to take him over 50 points though.

These two are the definition of the modern NHL defenseman that can both dominate their own end and drive offense for their team. Expect them both to break 50 points this year.