Columbus Blue Jackets: Reports Abramov Will Not Return To Juniors

According to a report from LeDroit, Vitaly Abramov is looking at his options outside of the QMJHL if he does not make the Columbus Blue Jackets roster.

Vitaly Abramov is going to be in Columbus to make an attempt to make the Blue Jackets roster, but it does seem like a long shot for him to do so. The Columbus Blue Jackets have depth at wing that they have not had in the past. In the past, the Blue Jackets have had to rush their prospects.

In the report, it states that Columbus and Abramov’s agent prefer that the young Russian plays in North America, but it seems that there is an outside source pushing Abramov to go pro. This push is reported to come from his family.

There are very few sources of influence that may be able to over power the wishes of a player’s NHL club or agent, but family is one that has shown in the past to weigh heavier than any agent or NHL general manager.

The Columbus Blue Jackets prefer to have Abramov on the smaller sheet of ice in North America and to get accustomed to being in North America. Columbus also has more control over a player playing in North America, but there may also be a case for Abramov to play in Europe against professionals.

Abramov has already found success in the QMJHL tallying 46 goals and 104 points. These are outstanding totals, but  Abramov may need a new challenge. If this challenge does not go on in the NHL, Abramov can face off against older pros in Europe.

It is unclear where Abramov will play, but it is clear that Abramov is looking into more options than the QMJHL. The Columbus Blue Jackets are going to make the best decision for their roster when it comes to Abramov making the team, and Abramov will make the decision he thinks will help his career and family most.