Columbus Blue Jackets Fans: Stop Worrying About the Expansion Draft!

What a year to be a Columbus Blue Jackets hockey fan. Now is not the time for us to worry about the Expansion Draft, so quit fretting over it and enjoy the ride.

The sun is shining, it has been pretty warm, and the Columbus Blue Jackets have been playing incredibly well. This is the time 5th liners in Columbus, and all around the world, should be smiling from ear to ear and enjoying life!

But there are too many fans fretting about the upcoming Expansion Draft and quite frankly I’m sick of it. Stop your constant worrying about loosing William Karlsson, or Josh Anderson, or Joonas Korpisalo or whoever!

How short of a memory do you all have? We’re going the playoffs for the third time in FRANCHISE HISTORY! We are sitting in second place in the league, above teams like the Chicago Blackhawks, Pittsburgh Penguins, and New York Rangers.

So stop worrying about the expansion draft and go out there and skip through fields of wildflowers! Buy a ticket to a game and enjoy sweet victory. Focus on the playoffs and all the joy that comes with meaningful April hockey.

(Life Too Short Cliche)

“You only live once.” “Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” “It’ll be gone before you know it.”  Yes, it’s cliche, but life is too short to worry about things we can’t control. Especially one that is so far away from affecting us. I know as fan(atics) it’s a challenge to not be emotional about these things, but Columbus Blue Jackets fans especially shouldn’t be worrying!

Never has the 5th line sat in this position where we know the Jackets are going to the playoffs for sure. The CBJ can do some damage in the playoffs too, and who knows, maybe even make a run to the Finals. So then why in the world are you worried about losing a player in late June?

The Jackets are going to lose a good, young, promising player more than likely. It’s going to hurt that day to see a player like leave, but that’s life in the NHL. Stop complaining and worrying about it and look at the standings more. Look at the 10 goals the Blue Jackets scored on Montreal. Go watch the Josh Anderson vs Chris Stewart fight. Think about the beatings the CBJ have put on the Penguins at NWA.

Columbus Blue Jackets fans need to sit back and enjoy this ride. Let’s worry about the expansion draft in June.