Columbus Blue Jackets Television Ratings Explode


The 2016-2017 TV ratings for the Columbus Blue Jackets spike, leading to the largest increase in ratings across the entire league.

The Columbus Blue Jackets unprecedented 2016-2017 campaign has caused a sharp rise in television viewership. According to a Sports Businesses Journal report, FS Ohio has seen an increase in ratings of 110 percent.

No other network saw an increase over 60 percent. Second in network ratings increase is MSG Plus, covering the New Jersey Devils. Their “pedestrian” increase of 58% was utterly dwarfed by the Columbus Blue Jackets increase.

This is a massive expansion no doubt is tied to the massive success of the team on the ice. The Columbus media market is a sports crazed population that expects winners. The 32nd largest media market is accustomed to the Ohio State Buckeyes winning and when the Jackets showed signs of success, the dials were certain to turn up.

Columbus Blue Jackets
Columbus Blue Jackets /

Columbus Blue Jackets

Sure the ratings last season were dreadful but an increase like this shows that Columbus is an excellent hockey market. When just a few years ago people whispered about the team being a relocation candidate, these numbers are another assurance that the Blue Jackets are Columbus’ team for good.

More Nationally Televised Games to Come

With the success of this year’s squad and the increase in local ratings certainly will lead to more nationally televised games. First because there can’t be less than the team has this year. The team is playing only one nationally televised game, next Monday against the Rangers.

Secondly, the team will make the playoffs and increase their national viability with postseason play. Fans deserve to be able to watch the Jackets will listening to the sultry sounds of Doc Emrick.

The ratings explosion is certainly sustainable, unlike some of the early season statistics. As the Blue Jackets play more Eastern Conference games against rivals, the eyes will remain on the screen.