Bob is still our guy


Bob is still our guy, Coach Richards was quoted, by, saying “I have a lot of confidence in Bobrovsky”. This comes at a crutial time in the Jackets season as they are down 4 games and their confidence is shaky at best.

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Jackets fans can be heard screaming for both the heads of both Bob and Richards. Disappointed in a slow start lacking in team unity and chemistry, you can’t really blame them for looking to hang blame on someone. However I would like to remind fans that it is early in the season, we are still trying to get our swagger back after a tough few games, and most importantly that Bob needs help in front of the net.

We are seeing the same defensive end mistakes that we saw last season and that is causing our goalie not to look as good as a top rated goalie should look.

Richards told the media that the thought of pulling Bob never crossed his mind. That is the level of Columbus fans should aspire to have. No one said being a Jackets fan was easy, but in the words of a very wise man “we do not do it because it is easy, but because it is hard”. No team has won the Stanley Cup with LESS than four losses, so why should our confidence waiver?

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On Friday 16 Oct 2015 the Jackets take on winless Toronto. Both teams desperate to find their footing and get their club fans a number 1 in the W column. For the Jackets it is a W in front of a home crowd who have the expectations of fans who are used to their teams winning championship after championship without worry or concern.

Winning championships is something fans in the capital city are used to. Between the Ohio State Buckeyes programs, the Columbus Crew, or the Columbus Clippers. Fans in this city don’t wish for the postseason, they expect it. This is a tough expectation for the Jackets organization to meet year in and year out, being relatively new, and in a very well established league. The banners will come to Nationwide, just not in an undefeated season style that Columbus fans are used to.

Sit tight Columbus, the NHL season is a long haul.

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