CBJ Fans: How To Celebrate A Rangers Loss (Hopefully)

As a fan of the CBJ and member of the 5th Line I have not gotten to do much celebrating in May.  The next best thing is to watch the team you hate fall apart.  We have already gotten that with Pittsburgh and with the Tampa Bay Lightning up 3-2 we are hopefully going to see the end of the New York Rangers tonight.  It got me thinking, what are the best ways to celebrate knowing Rick Nash will not lift the Stanley Cup? (Note this is humor, please don’t get offended Blueshirt fans and always drink responsibly…on with the show)


1. Pour yourself a shot of vodka.  Pretend for a moment that instead of vodka this is a collection of Rick Nash’s tears after the Rangers have lost a game and he didn’t contribute a point.  Take the shot, smile, repeat as desired.

2. Ironically sing Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York or Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind.  Can be made better by combining with step one.

3. Use your Lego’s, or borrow a child’s, and build a small facsimile of the New York Skyline.  Then do your best Godzilla impression and DESTROY IT!!!!!

4. Watch this video over and over.

5. Head on over and read our friends at bluelinestation.com and boltsbythebay.com to get great coverage on what went right or wrong for the respective teams.

6. Laugh at the “hockey purists” who mourn the loss of an “Original Six” Stanley Cup Final.  Double up on the fun if the Blackhawks are eliminated leaving a sunny 90’s expansion era Final.

Even if the Rangers pull off the comeback and defeat the Bolts it could still lead to fun.  I for one wouldn’t mind seeing the New York Rangers repeat the heartbreaking greatness of the Buffalo Bills run of four Super Bowl appearances without a win.  That would be both impressive and depressing as a fan.  Whatever happens I can’t wait til I can root against the Rangers playing against the CBJ soon.