Ryan Johansen Wins the Columbus Blue Jackets All Star Weekend


The NHL All Star Weekend is now nothing but a memory, but what a memory it’ll be for Blue Jackets fans for the coming months, years, decades, generations…well, you catch my drift. But, in a game and weekend that showcased the best of the best, who was the best of the best of the best? Well, see for yourself.

Those who read our Three Stars after every game have caught on to a theme – whether it’s win or lose (or unless there’s a shutout), we try and pick a Blue Jacket to name to said honor. Well, with only two Blue Jackets in the All Star game, we had to get creative, so we figured we’d give our third star to a <em>former </em>Blue Jacket in <strong><a href=. RW. Philadelphia Flyers. JAKUB VORACEK. 3rd

LW. Columbus Blue Jackets. NICK FOLIGNO. 2nd. That “C” looks damn good on <strong><a href=

Columbus Blue Jackets. RYAN JOHANSEN. 1st. I realized something yesterday – the NHL All Star Weekend is a lot like prom. I’ll explain that in more detail later on, but it was perfectly personified when <a href=. C

Now its your turn! Who better deserved to be named one of our three stars? Let me know in a comment below or on twitter @UnionandBlue.