Union and Blue’s Three Stars: Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Nashville Predators


Man, what an ugly, ugly game last night. The Blue Jackets saw a nine game point streak come to a crashing halt, saw the backbone of their team Sergei Bobrovsky get pulled and were nearly shut out. All of it stemmed from an early disallowed goal (we’ll talk about that more on the site before the weekend), which, if the goal does count, who knows how the game would end up?

In a game that ugly, you might be thinking to yourself “how in the world did you come up with three stars?” Well, yes, in some aspects it was very difficult. In others, however, it wasn’t – remember, we never specified they had to all be Jackets. And in today’s case, that is the case.

3rd. The lone Blue Jacket to grace our three stars from last night is none other than <a href=. C. Columbus Blue Jackets. ALEXANDER WENNBERG

2nd. Despite being on the ice for less than 15 minutes, <strong><a href=. C. Nashville Predators. CRAIG SMITH

1st. As if you’re shocked to see <strong><a href=. G. Nashville Predators. PEKKA RINNE