Nick Foligno and Ryan Johansen Are Really Good When On The Ice Together


Whether you like them or not, advanced statistics are making their way more and more into every sport. And they’re most likely here to stay. It, of course, started with the A’s and the whole “Moneyball,” thing. Then, a few years ago, a systematic approach came to the hardwood, as stat-crazed basketball watchers started developing their own advanced stats. And, truth be told, it hasn’t been but for the past year or two in which hockey advanced stats have been around. But boy, have they taken off.

I probably shouldn’t be admitting this as an editor of an NHL site, but I truly have no knowledge of Corsi ratings or any other hockey advanced stat. Luckily for me, other people do, and our Ottawa Senators friends at have put them to use in order to keep track of a former Sen and current Blue Jacket – Nick Foligno.

If you read the article (which, we suggest you do – great work over there), they not only take a look at how Foligno is doing, but more specifically, they compare the success Foligno and Ryan Johansen are having together when they’re both on the ice, using the metric called “With Or Without You” or WOWY (clever, I know). The chart below explains further.

Thanks to for letting us grab this chart

When Foligno and Johansen are sharing a sheet of ice, they’re both averaging more than a goal per 20 minutes (GF20), and opponents are averaging less than a goal. Conversely, when one is on the ice while the other is not, opposing teams are averaging over a goal per 20 minutes.

So, what does the future hold for Nick Foligno? Let’s allow the Senshot guys to tell you.

"Foligno has been an impact player for Columbus this season, no question. What makes things interesting is the fact that he is a UFA this upcoming off-season. Foligno’s advanced stats are impressive, leaving him a two-way force to be reckoned with. At 27-years-old, Foligno has more than a few years of good hockey ahead of him. Assuming he stays at the pace he’s playing at he could be cashing in after a career year […] with a scarce crop of UFA’s one has to think that Foligno is looking for a career deal. A deal greater than 5 years, at an AAV of far over 4 million is not a stretch for Foligno who seems to have stepped into the top 5 of this years UFA’s.– Jack Leiper, co-edior"

Foligno being a free agent come this off season certainly isn’t a good thought, and he might come as a heavy price if he continues putting up numbers like this. But, hopefully he sees the correlation he has with RyJo, and feels that there’s something special building in Columbus, to where he might take a hometown discount and extend his Blue Jacket stay.