Live Blog: Columbus Blue Jackets Seek to Beat Bruins

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Third Period:

20:00 2-0

Twenty minutes to go boys, let’s do this!

19:19 2-0

The Jackets have killed the penalty!

18:32 Bruins Goal, 2-1

Jackets made a bad turnover in the neutral zone, and the Bruins pretended to dump the puck, but actually sent it to the net and right through Bob’s five-hole. 2-1.

17:05 2-1

Prout makes an awesome save… Again! The Bruins had a two-on-one, and Prout made a beautiful interception to prevent a shot on net and avoid a Bruins scoring chance. He’s had a good night!

15:59 2-1

Jackets got three quick shots on net, but Svedberg was on top of it, keeping the score 2-1.

15:29 2-1

Anisimov got hauled down on a nasty slash, and the Jackets are back on the power play!

14:30 2-1

Jackets have only registered on shot on goal in the first minute of the power play…

13:29 2-1

Jackets managed two whole shots on the power play. That needs to be better. They spent plenty of time in the zone, but the Bruins are good at blocking shots. The Jackets need to find a way to get past them.

12:26 2-1

Jackets have evened up the shots; we’re all tied at 24.

10:27 Bruins Goal, 2-2

Tie game. Crap. It was a nice redirect. Bergeron shot the net from the point, and shot it right of Matt Fraser‘s stick. The redirect sent it right past Bob, who couldn’t react to the redirect in time. Nice play, unfortunately.

9:24 2-2

What a play by Skille! He got away from the Boston defense and sent the puck high glove side, but Svedberg came up big, snatching the puck with a huge glove save. Still 2-2.

Side note: I can’t stop watching that 1st period save by Prout. What a play that was! How did he even get there that fast? That’s certainly my highlight so far.

8:28 Bruins Goal, 3-2.

And the Bruins score again. That escalated quickly. What is with the Jackets and the third period? Come on!

7:07 GOOOOOOAL! 3-3

JACK JOHNSON! THERE HE IS! After a tough week for JJ, what a big time goal! Tie game (again)! That’s Johnson’s first of the season, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

5:54 3-3

Jackets still behind in shots 29-26.

5:49 3-3

Arty has been fantastic in the circle tonight, just sayin.

Side Note: I can’t wait for the day we get CORSI numbers updated on TV broadcasts (it might be awhile, but I’d wager it’ll happen). That would be fantastic. I’d love to see how they change throughout the game.

3:24 3-3

Wiz gave up a terrible turnover and gave Milan Lucic a wide open opportunity! Thankfully nothing came of it, but you can’t let that happen this late in a tie game!!

 2:00 3-3

Leopold and Johansen crowd the net, trying to shove the puck behind Svedberg, but he held on and kept the game tied.

1:30 3-3

ANOTHER turnover in the defensive zone gives the Bruins another nerve-wracking chance, but it sails wide and out of play. The Jackets need to wake up! This period feels like an entirely different game than the first two, and I don’t like it one bit.

0:38.1 3-3

Jackets try to rush the zone, but Joey is called for offsides.

0:00 3-3




5:00 3-3

Jackets let this game get away from them in the third, bit it’s time to regain control and and take this second point tonight. Let’s do it boys!

4:43 3-3

The Bruins grabbed two quick shots on net, but Bob fought them off and kept the Jackets in the game.

3:37 3-3

After the Jackets cleared their zone, the Bruins came back on an offensive rush, but are called for off-sides.

3:24 3-3

Atkinson races down the side of the ice and gets a shot off, but it’s saved by Svedberg.

1:30 3-3

Lots of play along the boards, lots of checking, not many opportunities for either side since Cam’s chance.

0:57 3-3

BOB! Bob came out of the net, made a HUGE save, and the defense fell in front of the net to keep the puck out.

0:41 3-3

BOB AGAIN! Bob came up with a point-blank save!

0:31 3-3

Jenner with a shot, held off by Svedberg

0:00 3-3

Some extracurricular activity between Prout and Lucic! Lucic keeps his gloves on despite being absolutely leveled by Prouter with no time left on the clock.


Time for the shootout!

CBJ Round 1

Jackets to shoot first, it’ll be Johansen.

Despite trying to beat Svedberg with a backhand, Joey is blocked.

BOS Round 1

Smith stuffed by Bob! No goal!

CBJ Round 2

CAM! Denied.

BOS Round 2

Griffith shoots for Boston, tries to put it in the corner, but is denied by Bob.

CBJ Round 3

Can Arty get the first goal in the shootout?

Nope. Denied. It’s a goalie show here tonight.

BOS Round 3

Bergeron missed the net!

CBJ Round 4


Can’t light the lamp, misses the net as well.

 BOS Round 4

Sodorberg  fought off by Bob!

CBJ Round 5

NICKY! Can Foligno make it happen?

OFF THE FREAKIN CROSSBAR! Unbelievable! He beat the goalie, but it goes off the crossbar!

BOS Round 5

Krug: no goal!

CBJ Round 6

Wennberg! Still can’t get one in the net, no goal

BOS Round 6

BOB with a beautiful kick save! No one-handed goal for you!

CBJ Round 7

Matty! Welcome back! Can you help us?

Nope, glove save by Svedberg.

BOS Round 7

Game-winning goal from a rookie in the shootout. Got one in Bob’s five-hole with some fancy moves. Crap. So much for that.

Well, after all that, the Jackets pick up only one point tonight. Check back in a bit for a full post-game report!