Live Blog: Columbus Blue Jackets Seek to Beat Bruins

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Second Period

20:00 2-0

Second period is on!

16:40 2-0

Boston has had the most offense so far this period, getting three shots to the Jackets two, making it 11 to 13 in favor of the Jackets.

16:10 2-0

Jenner tries to race for a long lead pass into the offensive zone, but the ref called icing. Looked to me like Boone was ahead in the footrace to the top of the faceoff circle, and he argued his case with the ref, but to no avail. The icing call stands, and play goes back to the other end.

15:48 2-0

Jenner and Joey brought the puck back down, and Jenner made a beautiful doorstep pass, but the puck hopped over Joey’s stick and missed the net. Missed opportunity there.

14:52 2-0

Back-and-fourth play makes the shots 13-15. Bob looking more comfortable and solid than he did on Tuesday.

14:12 2-0

A collision/pile-up after the face-off sends guys on both sides sprawling, but thankfully no one left the ice. Hopefully we actually avoided injury for once.

13:29 2-0

Jared Boll and Kevin Connauton couldn’t connect their passes off the faceoff, and ended up turning the puck over. They got it back, however, and Boll made up for it by getting Connauton the puck and getting a shot on net.

12:10 2-0

60.5% in the faceoff circle? Patrice Bergeron should give faceoff lessons. He’s second in the league in the circle. Pretty impressive.

11:25 2-0

Bruins with a flurry of offense, but Bob stands tall. Not giving up any rebounds, absorbing the shots, and just being Bob. Looks good. The Bruins have taken the lead in shots for the first time tonight. 16-15 Bruins in shots, but 2-0 CBJ where it matters.

9:23 2-0

Nice shot by Connauton, but it sailed just wide of the net. He got the puck back, however, and set up a beautiful scoring chance, hitting the goalpost. Then, the Bruins took a delayed penalty, and Connauton got the puck back, sent it back to the net, and the goalie got it to stop play. First man-advantage of the night goes the way of the CBJ. Jackets on the POWERPLAAAAAY!

8:50 2-0

Johansen carries the puck into the zone in a one-man show, gets a shot toward the net, which deflects off Foligno and to the goalie for a stoppage of play.

 7:32 2-0

Power play over, no goal for the Jackets this time.

4:17 2-0

Jackets falling behind in shots, it’s now 21-18 Bruins.

3:35 2-0

Joey sends a shot to the net, but it defects off Arty and goes over the net. Can’t get the lucky redirect every time I guess…

1:51 2-0

It’s fun to watch Boone hit people. Just sayin.

1:25 2-0

Jackets kept the offensive pressure up for awhile, but when the Bruins brought it back down to the defensive zone, Joey took a bad penalty. 2 minutes in the box for holding, and (if all goes well) the Jackets will start the next period on the kill.

0:43 2-0

Jackets blocked 3 shots in quick succession, keeping the Bruins from registering a shot on goal before the puck got sent down to the other end.

0:00 2-0

Jackets keep the Bruins from getting a shot on net in the first 1:25 of the PP, and end the second no better but no worse than they were at the end of the 1st.


Second Period Thoughts: The second period wasn’t quite as good as the first, but it wasn’t bad either. The Jackets had some good chances in front of the net, but Svedberg was there each time. Bobrovsky looked good this period as well, and has stood tall to keep his team in the lead.

I liked the effort of the Jackets this period, but it did look a little slower than the first. That’s not surprising, given how fast the first period went. There was very little stoppage, which probably meant a tiring first period for both sides. It showed. Both sides looked a little slower this period, and both sides took penalties, which we didn’t see in the 1st.

Of the two penalties, both were not really necessary. Both were somewhat lazy plays, which happens when players get tired. However, (so far) neither penalty has hurt either team. Here’s hoping the jackets can kill the last 35 seconds of theirs at the beginning of the second.

The one thing the Jackets need to stay ahead on in the third is shots. They lead in shots throughout the first period, barraging Boston backup Svedberg with 8 shots in the first 20. The Jackets lead until the 11:25 mark, in which they ceded the shot lead for the first time, and ended the second ahead 21-18.

It would be nice if the Jackets could kill off this penalty and retake the lead in shots. Oh, and a few more goals wouldn’t hurt, too. Here’s hoping the third is a solid final twenty tonight, and the Jackets can pull this one off.

Check out page three for the rest of the game! Go Jackets!