Live Blog: Can the Columbus Blue Jackets Pull One Off?

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Second Period

20:00 2-1

The puck has been dropped on the second period at the Wells Fargo center in Philly, and the Jackets look to repeat their first period performance and add to their lead. If they come out playing like they did in the first, this should continue to be an interesting game.

19:35 2-1

Jenner has been everywhere tonight! He created a great wraparound attempt, but Mason was right there and denied Jenner any spaces in which to shove the puck. Nonetheless, Jenner’s a fun guy to watch! The Jackets certainly missed him earlier this season, and it’s been nice having him back.

17:39 2-1

Sticks evereywhere! As the Jackets battle along the board in their defensive zone, there were at least two sticks flying around the ice, tripping people and hitting pucks. Makes it difficult to play! Thankfully, CMac made another big save, and when play stopped the ice was cleared. The Jackets, however, took a penalty, and are now facing their second penalty kill of the night. They need to kill it off; they don’t want to give up their one-goal lead.

16:39 2-2 Philadelphia Power Play Goal, Jakub Voracek

Well so much for that. The Jackets’ penalty kill has got to better. They have now given up goals on both Flyers’ man-advantages. That can’t continue; the Jackets need to find a way to keep the Flyers out of their zone on the kill, or just stay out of the box. Tie game.

13:34 2-2

Poor Wennberg! The kid has had SO MANY CHANCES, but he just can’t get one in! He had a chance to put one past Mason, but between spinning around and trying to get it through a slurry of defensemen, he still hasn’t netted his first goal of the season. The game remains tied at 2.

12:20 2-2

This period has a different feel than the first, and I’m not sure I like it. The Jackets haven’t had the same offensive pressure this period, and they haven’t been a physical. They haven’t played badly, bit the first period seemed better to me. The Flyers have regained the lead in shots, now leading the Jackets 14-13. Hoping the Jackets get back to 1st period form and retake the lead here soon.

11:17 2-2

The Jackets tied shots up at 14, but then the Flyers went on an offensive rampage. For a full minute or two, the Flyers played keep away and the Jackets looked like they were trying to kill a penalty. They weren’t and eventually cleared it down the ice and took the icing call just to break up the pace, then called a timeout. That’s what I mean by a different feel: this period doesn’t seem to have the same pace on the side of the Jackets.

10:13 Jackets GOAL! 3-2 CBJ!

NICKY! This goal is an example of why Nick Foligno is so much fun to watch! He held the puck as three Flyers tried to lay down in front of him, just waiting for his opportunity, before burying his 9th goal of the season to help the Jackets regain the lead for the third time tonight. Awesome play!

 7:46 3-2

Cam Atkinson and then Ryan Johansen are pulled down in quick succession, and the Jackets now find themselves with 1:23 of 5-on-3 to work with. They are 2 for 2 so far on the PP tonight, let’s make this one count as well!

 6:18 4-2 Wiz with the GOAL!

Wiz makes it count! Before the first power play was over, Wiz scores his second power play goal of the night, and the Jackets are up 4-2 with 30 seconds still on the power play!

3:03 4-2

Since the 12:20 mark of this period, the Jackets have only given the Flyers one shot on goal, while increasing their own shots from 14 to 23. They have retaken this period, due in part to the two power plays and in part due to an increase in physicality and speed. They are getting back to the form we saw in the first period, and have been rewarded by two goals. I like it.

0:49.3 4-2

Corey Tropp heads to the box for tripping. The Jackets need to kill the next 50 seconds, get out of the period, take a break, and then pull off the rest of the kill next period.

END OF SECOND PERIOD — Columbus Blue Jackets 4, Philadelphia Flyers 2

Second Period Thoughts: Take the first period score and double it, and you have the score after two. From the Jackets’ point of view, that’s pretty good! They gave up another power play goal, but they came out of the period with a two goal lead, so I’ll say that period was a success.

The Jackets looked a little slow at the start, allowing the Flyers to retake the lead in shots and tie the game up at 2, but they got back to their game pretty quickly, and they regained the lead from a goal by Nick Foligno. Foligno always has a flair for the dramatic, and he built up the tension by holding the puck as long as he could, watching three defenders fall down in front of him, and then netting his second goal of the night.

Another top performer of the night has been James Wisniewski. He also has two goals in 40 minutes of play, and has been the biggest presence on the Jackets’ blue line all night.

But, by far, the most outstanding payer on the ice tonight has been Ryan Johansen. Even without a goal of his own, Joey has assisted every Jackets goal so far, making tonight the first 4-point night of his career. The 22-year-old had been leading the Jackets all year, and tonight he’s been a major play-maker and importance presence for the Jackets.

As we await the start of the third period, keep in mind that the Jackets have a little over a minute and ten seconds of penalty left to kill at the beginning of the period. Hopefully they can gain control of the puck from the faceoff and keep the Flyers away from the net for the duration, and hold on to the nice 2-goal lead they have right now.

One more thing: where has this team been the last 9 games?? The Jackets look like an entirely different team than they have lately. They are in control of the game, they are setting the pace, they are leading in shots… Why can’t they play like this every game? I just don’t get it. But, for tonight at least, I’ll take it.